DIY White and Silver Floating Candle Decorations

This candle decoration would be beautiful for Christmas or a winter wedding reception. I did everything in white and silver, but you could use any color of beads and candles. I first saw the inspiration for this project when I found these great transparent gel beads at

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To put together these holiday candle holders, you will need:

  • Small, wide square or round vases
  • Transparent gel beads
  • Distilled water
  • Large plastic pearl beads
  • Floating candles

If you are going to make these for a wedding or holiday get together, keep in mind that it takes 12 hours for these transparent gel beads to expand for maximum effectiveness.

It is recommended that you use distilled water in the vases. I didn’t for mine, but it really depends on how clear your water is. When I put these together for my daughter’s wedding I will use distilled water.

The only place I have seen these particular gel beads is on Amazon. They are inexpensive, and when you get them they are very tiny, not big like the ones you can buy at the craft store. I have not tried the clear ones you can buy at craft stores. I bought these because I wanted to make sure they would work for their intended purpose, and that was to float the plastic beads. These worked great and I was very happy with them.

After you use the beads you can remove them from the water and store them for months in ziploc bags. You can also transport them this way if you are taking them to another location to set up.

Okay, now on with the project. I filled my clean vases with water. My vases were small, so I added a half package of the transparent gel beads. If when you are cleaning the vases you have any stubborn stickers to remove, try this homemade Goo Gone.

It takes about 12 hours for the gel beads to fully expand, but mine were big enough to play around with in about 30 minutes. Experiment by placing different types of beads in the water to see which look best. I found that the larger and heavier the bead, the better it floated. Some of my beads were too light and just floated on top. Ones that are too heavy will sink to the bottom. I did like a couple floating on the top of the water, however.

Next add your floating candles. I found some pretty silver and white flower shaped floating candles at Michael’s craft store.

That’s it! I love the versatility of this project and how you can alter it to suit your needs. It’s great that you can save the gel beads and use them again and change the colors of the candles and beads. You can also leave the project intact for weeks and just replace the water every 4-5 days.

I can’t wait to see these on the tables at my daughter’s winter wedding reception. I am going to place them next to tall cylindrical vases filled with pinecones, pearl beads, and silver ball ornaments.

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