How to Peel a Hard Boiled Egg in a Glass of Water

My boys love to watch YouTube. I am continually amazed at all the things you can learn how to do on YouTube! For instance, did you know that you can peel a hard boiled egg by shaking it in a glass of water? I didn’t believe it so I had to try it myself.

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To perform this experiment, you will need a hard boiled egg and a short glass with an inch of water in it.

Place the hard boiled egg in the cup of water and hold the glass in both hands, with one hand covering the top of the glass.

Over the kitchen sink, quickly shake the glass back and forth so that the egg hits the sides of the glass.

The result? The shell literally falls of the egg! You will immediately see that the shell has been completely loosened from the egg. The shell just falls off, in just a few pieces, instead of hundreds of tiny ones, like normal.

So why does this work? Well, my husband, who paints cars for a living, immediately knew why this trick actually works.

He said that when water gets under the paint on a car, that the water separates the paint from the vehicle, the paint bubbles up, and then peels right off.

It’s the same with the egg. When you shake the egg in the glass, the egg hitting the glass cracks the shell, the water gets in through the cracks and then spreads all over the egg, lifting the shell up off the egg so that the shell falls right off.

Brilliant! And I’m very happy to say it actually works!

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