How to Freeze Yogurt

You may or may not have a need to freeze yogurt, but if you find a great deal on yogurt and can’t use it up fast enough here is an easy way to freeze it.

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I bought a 5 lb container of yogurt for $5. I bought the yogurt to make homemade smoothies, but this is more yogurt than we can use at one time.

The easiest way to freeze yogurt is to spoon it into ice cube trays and put it in the freezer. After the yogurt is frozen, remove the cubes from the trays and store them in gallon sized ziploc bags.

When you make a smoothie, just throw in one or two of the frozen yogurt cubes. You don’t even need to thaw them out first.

Note: Thawed out yogurt doesn’t have the same consistency as yogurt that has never been frozen. The best use for these frozen cubes is putting them in recipes where you won’t notice the slightly altered consistency.

Yogurt can be frozen for 4 to 6 months.

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