How to Organize Lego Instruction Manuals

I love to have things organized. My children’s toys are organized in lots of storage bins, both small and large, organizing everything from Potato Head pieces, Lincoln Logs, Tinker Toys, puzzles, to dress-up costumes. Recently, however, something has been creeping into our home and starting to take over the entire house…Legos!

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At least Legos are small and can be fairly easily contained. What is getting totally out of control is all the instruction manuals that come with all the Lego sets. I put them in a pile, and moved the pile from place to place, and then my two-year-old got a hold of a couple of them and ripped them all to shreds. I finally stuffed them all in a large ziploc bag and put them away in a closet. There has to be an easier way. My twin boys just had their 7th birthday party. Lots more Legos, and lots more manuals!

I decided to organize all the manuals in a three-ring binder. To do this all you need is a binder and some sheet protectors. I divided up the Lego manuals up by Lego type. We have a section for Lego City, one for Star Wars, one for Iron Man, and one for my younger son’s Toy Story Lego manuals.

If you want to create a cover for the binder, Google Images has hundreds of Lego images you can download and create a cover with. Just search for “Lego” and choose the images you like. I was really happy with how the binder turned out. No more Lego manuals laying all over the house! They are now organized neatly on a shelf in my boys’ bedroom.

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