Caring for Ducks During Winter

Tips for taking care of ducks during the winter months.

The good news is that ducks do great in cold weather. They don’t have a very hard time keeping warm. Their weak spot, however, is their feet. Their feet can get frost bitten when they stand on ice or frozen ground for long periods of time. Winter duck care will be easy with these helpful tips.

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There are ways you can help your ducks keep their feet from freezing. Even something as simple as keeping a dry layer of straw on the ground for them will help keep their feet dry during the winter. We have a thick layer of straw in the little shed they sleep in, and I also placed straw around the outside of the shed.


Provide Your Ducks With Shelter


Ducks don’t mind the snow and the cold, but they don’t like wind so much. That is why it’s important for them to have some type of shelter to keep them out of the wind. I’m not sure that our ducks even use their shelter that much, but it at least is there for them if they want to use it.


One of the things I was wondering is if ducks need to have a pond to swim in during the winter. If they can have access to one, then they would definitely prefer that! It would be too hard, however, for us to provide a place for them to swim during the winter so I was worried if they would be okay.


How to Keep Your Ducks’ Water from Freezing


I did a lot of reading and most people agree that ducks don’t have to have access to a pond during the winter. They like being able to wash off their beaks and faces though, so I am going to take out a large container of water for them on days that it isn’t going to freeze in 5 minutes.


I’ll get their wading pool back out in the spring. In the mean time, we make sure our ducks have water to drink by providing them with a heated water like this one. We have the same heated waterer for our chickens and they work great. No more worrying about frozen water!


If you have a pool for your ducks that you want to keep out all winter or you are using a stock tank for water, you can buy an inexpensive stock tank de-icer that will keep your water from freezing. They even work in plastic kiddie pools.


Before you purchase ducks, it is important to find out if the breed of duck you are getting can withstand the winters where you live. As I said, most ducks can handle cold temperatures, even below zero temperatures. But it does really depend on the ducks. We have Indian Runner ducks and where we live, it rarely gets down to zero in temperature. Recently our temperatures have been in the teens and the ducks seem to be doing great.

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Winter duck care. Tips for taking care of ducks during the winter months.



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