Removing Lice from Hair

How to Get Rid of Lice in Hair


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Removing lice from hair can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be. These easy tips from our readers will help you get lice out of hair both quickly and easily, without having to buy any expensive store bought treatments.


Tip #1: I grew up overseas and constantly got lice. We could not just run down to local pharmacy to get lice treatment (no pharmacy there). Mom just used Mayonnaise. Always worked w/o a problem and believe me there were tons of time I had mayo in my hair!!!!!


Tip #2: My niece recently had lice. After several unsuccessful chemical treatments we tried vaseline. It worked but then the vaseline was stuck in her hair. We tried all of the usual suggestions to no avail.


We ended up using tide laundry soap followed up with a vinegar rinse. The Vaseline came out without any trouble. Tide washed out of her hair very easily…Jocelyne


Tip #3: I put vaseline in my kids hair after they got head lice. The only thing that I found to work was to put baby oil in the hair and then wash with Dawn dishwashing detergent. Worked great!!!!…Kim


Tip #4: My kids recently got head lice. I tried all the medicines for lice, I found out that the best and cheapest way is to put vaseline in the hair for a few hours, then wash it and start combing the eggs out. The eggs slid right out with the grease left in hair from the vaseline. Try it, it works!…Cynthia


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