All Natural Backyard Mosquito Repellent

Last year I tried making my own homemade mosquito repellent for the first time, and I was really happy with the results. So happy, in fact, that I am still using it. There are several essential oils that are effective in repelling mosquitoes, and they really work! This year I found this idea for making an attractive table or patio decoration that doubles as mosquito repellent.

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To make this outdoor mosquito repellent you will need:

Fill the jar with water and then place sprigs of rosemary and lemon slices in the jar. The lemon and rosemary naturally repel mosquitoes.

Next add several drops of citronella oil and eucalyptus oil to the jar. You can also add a couple drops of lavender oil if you have it on hand. All of these oils also naturally repel mosquitoes.

The great thing about these jars is that not only do the look great, but they also smell great. They will last for 2-3 days before you will need to replace them. You can also place floating candles in the jars if you like.

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