Give Your Living Room A Winter Makeover

Winter is pretty much here and why not see this cozy, rosy-cheeked season as an ample excuse to give your living room a bit of a seasonal makeover.

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Makeovers don’t have to be time consuming and expensive, there are a few sure fire ways that you can add a little style that will completely change how your room looks and feels.

Below are a few easy makeover tips to ensure you get that gorgeous cozy winter style this season.

It is All About the Wood!

Wood is a fantastic medium and even if you are faking it (i.e. with laminate flooring) the feel and look of it will transport your mind to beautiful log wood cabins and the general trappings of traditional winters. Exposed solid wood flooring peeking out beneath rugs and furniture is a great start for achieving this look.

Flooring is so important as it is the foundation for your design, and if you are looking to make a change this season then consider going all out and get solid wood flooring (yes, it is possible to get cheap solid wood flooring).

Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs instantly add comfort and warmth to a room, or any deep, thick piled cheap rugs will do that in spades. If you are feeling brave go for a white or cream rug and evoke the feeling of snow. If you are not so brave, reds, blues and browns are also great for bringing in the feel of winter.

Bright Spots of Colour

You can easily brighten up your sofa and add a feeling of winter with cushions and throws. Go for mixed colours that are of the winter pallet. Blues, creams and whites are especially great picks.

Coffee Tables

A good coffee table can be a great focus point in your living room. And to evoke that winter feeling go for something that has been reconditioned, painted a stripped back white, or if you want to make it really interesting pick up a table that is actually another object that has been repurposed. Examples of this would be antique crates or logs cut and varnished. This will add a quirky style and will make the overall look quite unique, whilst still blending the design of the room as a whole together.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

It is amazing what a few little trinkets here and there can do to a room. You don’t need to go antiquing (though you can if you want). Simple things like pine cones sprayed silver or gold or left in their original woodsy state can add an unmistakeable seasonal feel.

If you are looking to add a touch of Christmas, then filling clear vases or jars with brightly coloured baubles or Christmas decorations is another great way for adding some seasonal style.

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