Ideas for Decorating Empty Living Room Corners

When arranging living room furniture, many people make the mistake of simply lining the walls and creating a square or rectangle with useless open spaces in the center. Instead of placing furniture around the perimeter of the space and placing everything parallel to the walls, create soft curves and give the living room a warm and inviting feel. Place a chair or curved sectional in a corner, and make use of the empty corner space with the following ideas for decorating empty living room corners. Any living room, large or small, can be arranged and decorated with designer style and amazing appeal.

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Corners behind stationary chairs, sofas, and other pieces of living room furniture can be filled in with attractive pedestals. From fine marble to inexpensive plaster, pedestals of various types can be used to fill in empty living room corners. Select a pedestal that is approximately six to twelve inches higher than the back of the furniture to make the greatest impact, and top it with a sculpture or a vase of fresh or artificial flowers. If the corner receives plenty of natural light, consider placing a live potted plant on the pedestal. A corner that was once empty will have an entirely new and impressive look.

Floor Plants

Plants can add a great deal of natural style to a space, and an empty corner is the ideal place for a large floor plant, either artificial or live. If the corner is well lit and easily accessible, choose a live plant such as a palm or a tall snake plant. Otherwise, opt for a high-quality artificial plant that looks realistic. From a distance no one will be able to tell the difference, especially in a corner that is somewhat inaccessible. If necessary, place a shorter potted plant on something that will raise the bottom of the pot to the level of the back of the furniture. Anything from a small stool to cement blocks can be used if they will not be seen, and they can always be covered with a piece of fabric that coordinates well with the room.


Dark empty living room corners with furniture placed at an angle can be made brighter with the addition of floor lighting. Floor lamps are available in practically every style imaginable. From art deco to rustic cabin-style designs, floor lighting can bring illumination to a dark corner while adding the illusion of height to a living room. Floor lighting can also help balance out a room furnished with other taller pieces such as book shelves. Consider using matching floor lamps in the living room for added lighting and style. Not only will floor lighting help illuminate dark empty corners, but it will also add considerable style and appeal.

Side Tables

Side tables are not only for placing alongside a sofa, loveseat, or chair. Side tables can also be used to fill empty living room corners behind furniture, and they can be used to hold everything from stylish table lamps to fine sculptures. Use an extra side table that matches others in the living room, or opt for something completely different. Slate tile tables are an excellent choice, and they go well with a number of decorating styles. Optionally, a table top that does not match well can be covered with cloth in a color that coordinates well with the living room.

Filling in empty corners is especially important in a smaller living room where space is lacking, but keep in mind that less is more when decorating and furnishing a home. A small living room should not be packed with furnishings. The room will appear more spacious, neater, and more adequate, and when filling in large empty corners that could use something more, the living room will look more stylish than ever before.

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