Creative Ideas for Displaying Medals

If you or a family member engages in sports or competitive events, chances are you have accumulated a few medals. In fact, your child might even have some medals from school events, Sunday school events, or club affiliations.

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If you currently have your family’s medals stuffed in a drawer or hidden in a box, it’s time to pull them out of hiding. Medals can provide you with an easy – and inexpensive – way to add a decorative and personalized touch to your home. Displaying your family members’ medals is also a great way to show how proud you are of all their accomplishments. If you’re ready to put your awards to good use, here are a few creative ideas for displaying medals you can use to get started.

Create a “Wall of Accomplishments”

If you have a lot of medals or awards you’d like to display, creating a family “Wall of Accomplishments is a great way to get the job done. A wall devoted to your family’s accomplishments can add an interesting and personalized touch to your family room. A hallway can also be a great location to display your accomplishments, arranging them along the walls just as they would be displayed in a museum. If you have a lot of individual medals to display, it can be helpful to place the medals in shadow box frames before hanging them on the wall. If many of your medals have pin backs, you could hang a single piece of fabric, such as felt. Once the fabric is hung on the wall, you can simply pin your medals to the fabric in any arrangement you desire. Framing the fabric once the medals are all in place can make it easier to keep your medals clean and dust-free. When creating a “Wall of Accomplishments,” be sure to leave plenty of space for future medals and awards. After all, there’s no reason to not to believe that there will be many successful family accomplishments in the future.

Shadow Box Frames

If you have a smaller number of medals to display, a shadow box frame could be the perfect solution. These versatile frames are designed to display three dimensional items, without the fear of crushing or damaging them in any way. One or two shadow box frames filled with a creative display of your family members’ medals could add the perfect personalized touch to any room of your home. For example, a frame filled with sports medals could add just the right decorative accent to your game room, while academic medals could provide the finishing touch for your home office. Because of the thicker frames used by shadow box frames, it’s often just as easy to display them on a shelf as it is to hang them on the wall. One or two small shadow box frame filled with family medals could be just the decorative accent you need to add a personalized touch to your bookcase or fireplace mantel.


Sometimes you might prefer to keep your more valuable medals stored in a safe location. If this is the case, consider taking some high quality photos of your medals, arranged against a decorative background. You can then display these photographs in frames on your walls, while keeping the actual medals stored safely.

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