DIY Ghost Costume for Halloween

I have been looking for an easy DIY costume for a toddler or preschool aged girl. I saw this cute ghost costume on Pinterest. The one I found didn’t include instructions, but I was able to find an easy tutu tutorial so that I could piece the costume together myself. It turned out really cute!! One of the best things about this costume…NO SEWING involved.

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The total cost of this costume is $15 or less, depending on how much tulle you have to buy.

Supplies Needed:

  • White t-shirt
  • Fabric transfer paper
  • Spools of white tulle (50-75 yds)
  • Elastic or ribbon
  • White tights

There are a couple of different ways you can make the shirt for this costume. You can buy plain t-shirts very inexpensively at most craft stores. Michael’s often has them on sale 2 for $6.


To create the ghost for the t-shirt, I just printed out a clipart picture of a cute black and white ghost on a piece of fabric transfer paper. I then ironed it on the t-shirt. You can find transfer paper at Walmart or any office supply store.

You could also use black fabric or felt to create a face of a ghost and use fusible interfacing to iron it on the t-shirt.

To create the tutu, you can use ribbon or elastic for the waist. If you are using ribbon, cut a piece of ribbon the size of your child’s waist. Add extra ribbon to be able to tie it in the back.

If you want to use elastic, measure a piece of wide elastic the size of your child’s waist so that is just little loose. Overlap the ends of the elastic and sew them together with a needle and thread so that you just have one round piece of elastic.

You can buy tulle either by the yard or on spools. I haven’t done a price comparison, but it is not expensive to just buy it on the spools and it is so much easier because then you don’t have to cut the individual strips. You can even buy spools of tulle at the Dollar Store, although I found it is still about the same price as Michael’s or Joann’s. The Dollar Store spools are only 8 yards, and the $3 spools at Michael’s are 25 yards. You can find spools of tulle in most any store that carries wedding supplies.

To measure the tulle, you will need to determine the length you want by measuring from your child’s waist to her knees. To cut the tulle you will need to find a piece of cardboard. The flap off the top of a cardboard box works well. It doesn’t matter how wide the piece of cardboard is, it just needs to be cut to the length you want the tulle to be.

How much tulle you will need will depend on the size of the waist of your child. For most toddlers, 50 yards of tulle will be plenty. If you have a larger child, you will need closer to 75 yards to make a full tutu.

Unroll one of the rolls of tulle and wrap it around the piece of cardboard.  After you wrap the tulle around the piece of cardboard, you will want to use a pair of sharp sewing scissors to cut through the tulle on one end. You will now have a pile of strips of tulle that are twice the length of the cardboard. Continue wrapping and cutting all your tulle until you just have a big pile of strips of tulle.

Next it’s time to tie the tulle on the ribbon or piece of elastic. If you want a really full tutu, put two strips of tulle together and tie them as one strip.

Take a strip (or two) of tulle and fold it in half. Place the loop just above the top of the elastic and then pull the bottom of the strips up over the elastic and through the loop. You should now have a loose knot on the elastic, with two pieces of tulle hanging down.

Continue tying strips of tulle around the elastic until the tutu is complete. Pull on the elastic slightly as you go. Don’t pull too tight or the tulle will start to bunch up too much.

When you are done, trim up the bottom of the tutu if necessary. If any of the strips are uneven, you will likely not notice it.

That’s it! To complete the costume, have your child put on a pair of white tights. The great thing about this costume is that you can re-use all the pieces after Halloween. They can still wear the t-shirt, play with the tutu, and use the tights again too.

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