Organic Gardening with Lean-to Greenhouses

Healthcare, fitness and nutrition experts always recommend eating more fresh fruits and vegetables to maintain good health in kids and adults alike.

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Unfortunately, many individuals have concerns about the available fresh produce in the market today with most of these concerns centering on relatively high prices of and high concentrations of toxins in commercially produced fruits and vegetables.

  • It is thus not surprising that many individuals are now considering the merits of organic backyard gardening by means of using greenhouses.
  • Many people end up buying a do-it-yourself lean to greenhouse kit, which simply means that they will install it themselves.
  • Others are a little braver and end up building their own using lean to greenhouse plans for complete construction, from beginning to end.

Organic Garden in the Yard

But then there is the issue of available space for many homeowners who have little to none of the backyard area where an organic garden can be established.

Add in the vagaries of Mother Nature as these affect crop production and individuals will be discouraged to even start sowing a single seed in a patch of soil.

Well, why fall into such despair for ever having your own organic garden in your patch of backyard, patio or balcony when you have the benefit of a lean-to greenhouse?

Yes, if you can find a way to motivate yourself to eat more fruits and vegetables, then you will find manufacturers with just the right size, shape and features in small greenhouses.

What Exactly is a Lean-To Greenhouse?

  • You can attach the structure to the side of the house in a manner that makes it seem like it’s leaning on the wall.
  • As such, lean to greenhouse kits will only have a protective roof, a front wall and two end walls with the fourth one being the house’s wall.
  • The materials used are similar to other types of larger greenhouses and conservatories like metal, plastic, wood and glass lean to greenhouse constructed buildings.

Why not lean it against the wall when the lean-greenhouse can be made with another protective wall in plastic or glass?

  • Well, the wall of the house or the fence keeps the greenhouse warm at night while keeping it cool during the day.
  • It makes functional use of a space that would otherwise be unproductive anyway.

Reasons to Go Organic

  • Now that you have found the best way to engage in organic gardening despite limited space and knowledge, your next question is why go organic in your diet in the first place.
  • After all, fruits and vegetables cultivated the conventional way are more affordable, more abundant and more perfect in appearance than organic produce.

The answers lie in the numerous benefits that organic produce provides for consumers a few of which are as follows:

  • Organic produce has little to no residues of the commercial pesticides, fertilizers and insecticides precisely simply because these are not applied on the plants. These products contain toxins, carcinogens and other potentially hazardous substances that not even substantial washing with tap water can remove.
  • Organic produce has more nutrients than their conventionally produced counterparts. This is not just hearsay but a product several years’ worth of scientific research.
  • Besides, the satisfaction of knowing exactly what went into the fruits and vegetables on your dining table is unequaled. You can also save on the household’s food costs while still keeping your loved ones healthy.

Now, if these are reasons are not enough to make you fall in love with organic gardening with the help of garden lean to greenhouses.

Then go on and spend more money in the supermarket for things that you could have enjoyed almost free.

Whitney Segura is an expert in greenhouse gardening and is the founder and owner of Mini Greenhouse Kits, a company that distributes high quality hobby greenhouses, commercial greenhouse supplies, lean-to greenhouses, portable greenhouses, hydroponics equipment, compost bins, and other greenhouse accessories in the U.S.

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