How to Paint Tomato Cages

If you grow tomatoes, then you know that it is necessary to support the weight of the tomato vines with some sort of tomato cage. Basic metal tomato cages are very inexpensive, but if you like the colored more costly version, then consider giving this easy DIY alternative a try.

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Supplies Needed:

  • Metal tomato cages
  • Spray paint

When you are shopping for spray paints, look for the variety that states it is for use outdoors. You want the paint to be waterproof and weatherproof.

You can use either old tomato cages you have laying around for this project, or you can purchase new ones. New ones cost about $2 a piece.

You will want to paint your tomato cages on a day with little to no wind. Wind has a way of interfering with painting projects.

When you are ready to paint, set your tomato cages up in the yard in the grass somewhere. You will get some spray paint on your grass, but it will come up the next time you mow your lawn, so don’t worry about getting paint on the grass.

Shake up your can of spray paint and holding the can 12-18 inches away from the tomato cage, spray the paint on the cage with a slow back and forth motion so that the tomato cage is evenly covered with paint.

The paint will dry very quickly, in 10 minutes or so. After you have let the first coat dry, go back over it again to spray any sections you missed the first time.

After you have finished applying the paint and the cages are dry, you are ready to put them in the garden. Carefully place one tomato cage over each tomato plant.

These tomato cages are really fun to make. I painted mine robin’s egg blue, yellow, orange, lime green, and pink. They really add some color, and I enjoy seeing them every time I go to the garden.

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How to Paint Tomato Cages

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