DIY Birdhouse Fence Display

I love bird houses. Big ones, little ones, all different colors. I have a number of them all over my yard. Some are big enough for birds to move in and make a nest, and others are just for display. Recently I found some unpainted mini-birdhouses at Michaels craft store for $1 each and I couldn’t resist buying a few.

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There a number of creative ways to decorate bird houses. I just wanted something quick and easy. I don’t have a lot of patience when it comes to painting, and I am not very good at it!

I have a bunch of old craft paints that I thought would work great to paint my bird houses. I chose brown, red, blue, orange, and yellow. I liked the way all of the colors looked together. I decided to paint either the roof or the house of each bird house brown, and the other part one of the other colors (see photo). This tied all the bird houses together, but they are still all different colors. They really catch your eye.

To paint them I just set them on a newspaper on my kitchen counter and painted them with a couple of small paint brushes, a bigger one for the larger areas, and a smaller one for the edges. These don’t have to look perfect (difficult for me!) but honestly from a distance you can’t see any imperfections at all, so don’t worry if you end up with a little paint where you don’t want it.

To protect your finished creations from the weather, spray them with some clear sealer that you can find at any craft store. It is in the same section as the glue and adhesives or with the craft paints. It will give your bird houses a glossy shine and make them water proof.

I was trying to figure out what to use to hang them up on the fence and then I remembered a tip I had seen somewhere on Pinterest. They had used pop can tabs as picture hangers! This was perfect, and I didn’t have to spend a penny on them. I used a small nail a hammer to gently tap the pop tabs on the back of the bird houses.

Next the fun part, arranging them on the fence! I chose an area of the fence that is close to our fire pit, where people would be able to see them from where they are sitting. I can also see them out my kitchen window.

This is such a easy, small project. Because I already had the paint I spent a total of $5 on the unpainted bird houses. In a couple of hours I had a great new bird house display to decorate my fence. I love it!

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