How to Clean Your Washing Machine

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Recently I have read several articles (like this one) about how to clean your washing machine. I didn’t think my washing machine was really that dirty, until I took a really good look in it and realized just how dirty it really was. Yuck!

Most people don’t think to “wash” their washing machine, but it really doesn’t hurt to give it a good cleaning every couple of months. My washing machine is at least 10 years old, and after I cleaned it, it looked almost brand new again.

These instructions are for cleaning a top loading washing machine. All you need to clean it are some white vinegar and some bleach.

Now before you freak out (you should be freaking out a little because you should NEVER mix bleach and vinegar together. When mixed they create a noxious gas). You WILL be using both of those products, but not at the same time.

Start by filling your washing machine with hot water. Add two cups of bleach to the hot water. Let the water sit in the washing machine for at least an hour. Run the machine through a wash cycle and let the water drain.

Next fill the washing machine again with hot water and add two cups of white vinegar. Let that sit for another hour and then run the machine through another wash cycle. Use a damp rag to wipe down the top of the machine.

Notes: If you have a septic system, skip the bleach step and just use the vinegar. Too much bleach can damage your septic tank. If you have a front loading machine, instead of letting the machine sit for an hour each time, run the washer through its longest cycle two times, once with the bleach and then with the vinegar in it.

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