Cleaning White Lace Curtains

Q: How can I get my lace curtains white again they have gone dowdy looking.

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Tip #1: Try soaking in a solution of Oxy Clean and water. This may work.

Tip #2: Try handwashing in the bathtub if you can. I once put some sheer curtains in the washer and they came out shredded. Somehow strong daylight degrades fabrics and draperies will not last forever. Oxy Clean and water. I second that.

Tip #3: I have lace curtains also and they start looking nasty after a while. But I wash them on hand wash in the washing machine with tide with bleach and clorox 2 and they come out looking like new. If you don’t have hand wash on your machine maybe try a lingerie net bag. I use these alot, even for the vacuum filter. Hope this helps, but if you have doubts about putting them in the machine then don’t. Mine are about 10 years old and many trips through the washing machine.

Tip #4: Clean with hydrogen peroxide as soon as possible. Also try white vinegar as
my kids are allergic to bleach…Sherri

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