Permanent Marker Stains on Shirt

Tip #1: Spray the marker stain with hairspray and then scrub. May need to repeat it.

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Tip #2: Try leaving a cotton ball soaked with rubbing alcohol on the shirt, when the ball is dry pick it up, it should have absorbed most or all of the stain.

Tip #3: I was looking for tips on removing permanent (it’s called permanent for a reason…) marker from a cotton blouse. Happened upon your website…. Used the rubbing alcohol, which took out a lot of the deep colour.

Then used bleach for non-bleachables and blotted like I did with the alcohol – and out it all came! Thanks!…Dee

Tip #4: Yes, hairspray should get it out. An aerosol usually works better for some reason, but pump will do too. Put paper towels on under side then spray stain and blot firmly with more paper towels. Then launder as usual.

(Very rarely it may remove color from clothing too, but if the marker doesn’t come out it will be ruined anyway.) I found out about hairspray when my 1 1/2 year son Sharpied all over my mother-in-law’s kitchen Congoleum floor, cabinets, kitchen table and vinyl chairs, the door and trim work, into her dining room all over the wall to wall and oriental carpet on 4 of the six upholstered Queen Anne chairs and table, then into the living room all over the console tv, wall to wall carpet, an upholstered chair, the stair railing, wall and front door to the house.

The only thing it did not come completely out of was the dining room chairs upholstery for some strange reason, but they were pretty worn and dirty and needed recovering anyway. Thank goodness for hairspray.

Tip #5: Try a little bit of upholstery cleaner or a baby wipe. Yes it will smear a bit at first so DO A TEST SPOT! Spray the upholstery cleaner on a rag or brush and see how that works. Try wrapping a baby wipe around a brush too. The ink from sharpie pens is very thick, so when it dries, you basically can scrape it off.

Tip #6: I have a son who is an artist. now a tattoo artist. So inks were a scary thing for me when he was young. I soon learned that rubbing alcohol will take out the ink. It smears at first…keep using it!! It will come out of almost anything.

He spilled a bottle of black indian ink on my beige carpet once…I all but fainted. I grabbed a few bottles of alcohol and some old rags…the puddle seemed to get larger the more alcohol I used and the more I rubbed.

I kept cleaning though…after some effort though and a lot of worry all of the ink came out. If I hadn’t been one to know it was ever spilt, I would have never known it was ever on the carpet, so give rubbing alcohol a try!!!

Tip #7: The cans of the cheapest hairspray work best…like 86 cent AquaNet.

Tip #8: I haven’t tried it yet, but Right Guard spray deodorant is suppose to take permanent marker off anything. Good luck!

Tip #9: If the mark is like a streak going down the shirt, take alcohol on a q-tip and scrub at the streak and slowly go down it … be careful, because sometimes it smears. Thats why you use a q-tip not a rag. Then scrub some toothpaste into it and rinse all that off. Repeat if necessary.

Tip #10: My little girl got marker on her brand new jeans…I started out trying rubbing alcohol, but to no avail. Then my friend recommended vinegar. It took most of it out.

You may have to work with it, but it should help. In the case of a white shirt…try using the clorox bleach pen. I love it. I have been able to get things out of clothes great with it.

Tip #11: My son just got marker on his shorts and found that it came out with Graffiti Remover. It comes in a spray can like Goo Be Gone.

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