How to Clean a Silk Tie

Easy DIY tips for cleaning silk ties. Some of my favorite DIY laundry hacks.

Tip #1: Carefully clean spot with clean dry cloth and rubbing alcohol (clear not wintergreen)…immediately blow dry area with hair dryer.

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Tip #2: We tried alcohol on an unidentified spot on one of my husband’s favorite ties and it worked like a charm…Jane


Tip #3: I have an expensive Brooks Brothers silk tie that was spotted in several places by a fruity Sangria type of drink that someone splashed on me. The dry-cleaning shop owner was not very positive about their ability to remove the spots.


In addition, I didn’t want the tie pressed after cleaning because the pressing flattens the rolled edges of the tie, and pressed ties look so terrible after cleaning that it isn’t worth having it done.


The dry-cleaner said it had to be pressed to make it presentable after dry-cleaning. As you can probably tell, I’m particular about these things, and decided to try spot cleaning it myself; what could I lose? It was already ruined.


I used the very inexpensive rubbing (isopropol) alcohol applied with a white terry cloth towel. I used a hair dryer, as you suggested, to immediately dry the alcohol, to keep a ring from forming.


I applied the alcohol several times, drying each time. The spots are totally gone, no ring what-so-ever is left! A perfect job…my tie looks like brand new! I’m going to take the tie back to the dry-cleaning shop and share the “secret” cleaning method with the owner! Thank you so much for the solution for cleaning silk ties…Rod


Tip #4: While dining on ribs in South Carolina my husband got barbecue sauce on a silk tie. In my purse I carry those Cottonelle flushable wipes. I whipped one out and wiped his tie. It came out instantly…Cheri


Tip #5: I just wanted to add the the rubbing alcohol works like a charm. I had bought a new tie for NYE and someone spilt a drink all over the front..not just a couple spots but a HUGE stain.


I figured I would get it dry cleaned when I got back in to town but things came up and I didn’t get to the cleaners till 2 weeks after the tie had been stained. I then got my tie back 1 week later only to realize that the tie was not clean!


I basically thought the tie was ruined until I found this tip and although it is time consuming the stain is almost completely gone! I had to go over the stain 5-7 times but that is because of the time the stain has had to set plus being dry cleaned.


I’ve been at it for about an 1 hr now and I’ll probably spend another 30 mins on it to get the tie looking perfect but this tip is a 10/10!…Al


Tip #6: Thanks for the great tip. I got ink on one of my ties while working in Scottsdale AZ Super Bowl weekend. Thought I was going to have to throw this one away. It’s been about a month since I got the ink on the tie but decided to give this a try.


I took a tooth brush dipped it into some rubbing alcohol and scrubbed the ink spot. Worked like a charm. Thanks for the tip. Now I can wear one of my favorite ties again…Todd


Tip #7: The alcohol works perfectly. Hint with the dryer. Go to the open end of the tie and insert the blow dryer there.


You are drying from the inside out and avoid creating a ridge in the front of the tie from the seam in the back…Susan


Tip #8: The rubbing alcohol and hair dryer really work! I spilled my baby’s bottle (filled with formula, which is made from water, which is apparently a silk tie’s worst enemy!)


An hour later I found these tips online and figured I’d try b/c the tie was VERY expensive and it was a gift and it’s my husband’s favorite.


Anyway, I used a white terry towel doused in rubbing alcohol and rubbed away and then blow dried it (on high power, medium heat) and repeated the process about ten times (it goes quick) – and all three 3″x3″ stains are gone. Good as new! Who knew? :)…Erin


Tip #9: The alcohol and blow dryer worked great on the red punch my husband spilled on his silk tie and on another tie with an “anonymous” stain, thanks!…Michelle


Tip 10: Rubbing alcohol + blow dryer = success. I had a small grease stain on my great silk tie. I was skeptical but desperate — light dabs of rubbing alcohol on the stain plus high heat blow drying works wonders!


After 2 attempts, I could already see the stain vanishing. After 5, it was gone! This really works…Drew


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Easy DIY tips for cleaning silk ties. Some of my favorite DIY laundry hacks.

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