White Clothes Turned Yellow

Q: I think I may have used too much bleach and my white clothes have turned yellow. Any tips on getting them white again…Tami

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Tip #1: You can find Mrs. Stuarts Liquid Bluing in most grocery stores in the laundry section. Follow the directions on the bottle. This is for articles that are all white and with no other colors. Hope this works.

Tip #2: Remember, if clothing has polyester and cotton, then bleach will cause yellowing. Never bleach polyester clothing with chlorine bleach. Unknown spots appearing on clothing is often tiny spots of soda pop getting sprayed or dropped on clothes – they are unseen until washed and dried, then you see the spots (maybe it is the corn syrup?). The bluing idea is a good one. Cotton clothes can also be exposed to sunlight (it does bleach things out – UV rays, the same ones that damage your skin)…Karen

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