Removing Permanent Marker from Kitchen Floor

Q: Help! The grandkids got sharpie on my vinyl flooring. I am a renter and don’t want to buy new floors.

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Our favorite tip: There is a product called Spot Shot at Wal-Mart. You can also order it from Amazon. It says it is for carpets, but we have used it everywhere. It takes out permanent marker. A wonderful product, we have went through several cans over the years. It is quick and easy. I would suggest everyone keep a can in their pantry. Even takes red koolaid out of white carpet…easily. We love it. Just used it this week to remove a green stain left by modeling clay that was baked on in the sun onto a white plastic table.


Tip #2: Rubbing alcohol should take permanent marker off. The Walmart in my area carries a cleaning product called Royal Crown it works great on things like that. Which ever you use let it set on the stain for a couple of minutes before you wipe it off.


Tip #3: Try using a small amount of non-acetone nail polish remover on a cotton ball on the permanent marker. Use a light circular motion just until marker is gone. I successfully removed green colored “Sharpie” permanent marker from my beautiful wood floor and the tv screen after my onery 20 month old granddaughter went on an unauthorized drawing lesson.


Tip #4: I just removed permanent marker from my linoleum floor and refrigerator with bug repellent. It came right off. Hand sanitizer works as well…Natasha


Tip #5: I just tried Colgate “Total Whitening Gel” toothpaste on a Sharpie mark on a vinyl kitchen floor. The mark came out in seconds! If denatured alcohol also works, then I suspect that the glycerin in the toothpaste is the active cleaning agent…Jeff


Tip #6: A simple ‘pink’ eraser on a common pencil tip will remove permanent marker from a wood floor. It does dull the shine just a little, so afterward a light application of floor wax, or even furniture wax, will bring it right back to new…David


Tip #7: My kids destroyed my floors and wood doors one day when I decided to take a shower. Toothpaste works!


Tip #8: HOT SHOT! I saw a demo of this product (comes in a spray can) at Costco and they miraculously removed black Marks-a-lot Marker out of a white carpet piece before my eyes! I bought some and it works! It should work on a floor also. Works great on washable clothing, too! I think it’s sold at most variety retailers. Good luck.


Tip #9: Try denatured alcohol. My (then) 2-year-old son got sharpie all over his room during what was supposed to be his nap time. It was on the carpet, walls, furniture, window, curtains, bedding and of course him. It did a good job on most of the things. (Don’t use it on skin!)


Tip #10: How about alcohol hand sanitizer..I used to use it all the time when I would get sharpie or marks alot makers on my hands and it took it right off.


Tip #11: Try some WD40 and a non-scratch pot scrubber pad. This works well for scuff marks as well.


Tip #12: Have you tried the product called Goof Off? It is very strong so I would test it first, but I have had much success with it. Goo Gone is much milder and may also work. It is meant for sticky messes, but I have used it successfully for markers too. I found both products at Home Depot, but Wal-Mart may also carry them. Good luck.


Tip #13: A long shot would be to use hairspray. I’ve used this very successfully on getting regular ink out of clothing, so if the marker chemical composition is similar, it might work.


Tip #14: In case you haven’t gotten the black marker off your floor yet, here’s how: lighter fluid. Someone else told you to use Goof Off which is lighter fluid with some additives, so that’s good, but straight lighter fluid works fine.


I used to work in an auto parts store and we would write the price directly on the parts using a black permanent marker. When we needed to erase the price we’d wet a rag with a tiny bit of lighter fluid and the marker came right off with a single sweep!


Tip #15: Try cheap white rubbing alcohol drenched on white cotton balls, and keep changing the cotton balls.


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