How to Clean a Ceramic Stove Top

Easy tips and my favorite products for cleaning a ceramic stove top.

One of our readers asks how to clean a ceramic stove top. They have a black ceramic stove top sprinkled with white. One of the burners is colored black and if you really look into it you can see the white sprinkles.

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They scrubbed and scrubbed but nothing came off. Here are some recommendations from our readers of products they have used that are strong enough to clean stained ceramic.


Tip #1: I also have a black ceramic stove top with white speckles I use comet to clean it all the time. I have had black spots on my burners as well and comet takes them off as well.


Tip #2: I use soft scrub with one of those scrudge pads. It gets everything off. I’ve tried using no name brand soft scrub, but it didn’t work as well.


Tip #3: What I have found to work the best is a product specifically made for ceramic stove tops. It is called Cerama Bryte. I have never found or tried anything that works this perfectly. It takes every speck completely off and


I have scrubbed and scrubbed with other products that did not work. I would never use anything else. My stove top always looks brand new.


Tip #4: I have to agree with the product Cerama Bryte. I tried it and I’ve never seen a product work so perfectly.


It does a wonderful job taking off every mark and not leaving a spot behind. It makes the top look shiny and new…Mary Anne


Cerama Bryte Best Value Kit: Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner 28oz, Scraper, 10 Pads, Burnt-on Grease Remover 2ozCerama Bryte Best Value Kit: Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner 28oz, Scraper, 10 Pads, Burnt-on Grease Remover 2ozCerama Bryte Best Value Kit: Ceramic Cooktop Cleaner 28oz, Scraper, 10 Pads, Burnt-on Grease Remover 2oz



Tip #5: My husband bought me a ceramic stove & to clean it I use Cook Top, made by Weiman. I purchased it at Walmart. Hope it works for all…Sherrie


Tip #6: I have found that when you moisten the stovetop and use a razor blade at a 45 degree angle, the toughest burnt on crud scrapes right off and all you need is a damp sponge afterward.


Also, Mr. Clean’s Magic Eraser really is magic! I don’t clean without him anymore…Sara


Tip #7: If you live in Australia, you can get Cerapol, which is wonderful and easy for ceramic stove tops…Karen


Tip #8: I’ve been successful using baking soda (mild abrasive) and a damp sponge on my ceramic stove top…Theresa


Tip #9: The easiest way I found to clean a grimy greasy stove top and even range hood–I use Dow foaming bathroom cleaner, spray on, let set, wipe off. That simple…Cindy


Tip #10: I have found that using Bar Keepers Friend removes hard water marks from the outside of windows. It’s also used on ceramic cooktops and scratches on sinks…Jane


Tip #11: When I am done using the stove and before I am ready to clean it, I spray a product like “409” or “Fantastic” on the stove.


By the time I am ready to clean the stovetop, the spray has done 85-100 percent of the work without any scrubbing…Linda


Tip #12: I agree with tip #6 completely when she said to use a razor blade–as long as you hold it at the angle and then use your “cook top” cleaner. Comes sparkling clean every time!!! Excellent advice…Andrea


Easy tips and my favorite products for cleaning a ceramic stove top.


Tip #13: Using the razor blade at a 45 degree angle then cleaning up with Mr. Clean magic eraser REALLY works.


I had a big sticky mess (boiled over a pot of hot spiced cider). I was a little afraid about using the razor blade but it worked. Thanks for such a cool site!…Rebecca


Tip #14: I use a spray solution of equal parts ammonia and water. I have used this for 8 years and it cleans the ceramic perfectly and there is no greasy film left over…Nanette


Tip #15: I have used the razor blade after any ceramic cleaning cream with success. I also use Orange Clean liquid.

I spray it, let it sit for five minutes and then use the razor blade. My ceramic stove top is sparkling beautifully. Hope this could help…Milca


Tip #16: LADIES… THIS REALLY WORKS!!! EASY OFF OVEN CLEANER. Spray on stains, leave on for about 20 min., then turn on burner to HIGH for about 30-45 seconds. Turn burner off. Let it completely cool (this is important) when cool just wipe clean with a wet rag or towel. 


I tried everything to remove the terrible stains from my ceramic stove top–nothing worked–then I read about this idea. My stove top looks brand new again!!!…Susan


Tip #17: I have used Formula 88 (commercial de-greaser) on the stove top and everywhere! Spray it on a grimy range hood and watch as it drips – leaving a swath of clean in its wake.


I used to use Fantastic and have also used Magic Eraser, and I thought they were great, but nothing works like Formula 88. I bought mine at GFS (Gordon Food Service) but they have a website that tells you where else to find it…Marie


Tip #18: The razor blade method worked best for me. I had a black burned on mess on my burners and nothing I used as far as chemicals got it off. I was nervous about using a razor blade but it zipped it off in a matter of seconds.


After I wiped it clean I was amazed. WOW. My stove top will never look disgusting again…Cynthia


Tip #19: After reading the tips here, I tried most of them. My black ceramic range had stains that looked like they had gotten down into the finish. The razor didn’t work, cleanser didn’t work, ammonia, etc., nothing got it till I tried Cerama Bryte. Wow.


I have to use a little at a time, and rub (though not hard, just consistently) and then buff it off before it fully dries. That’s important – let it dry and you’ll be sorry – it’s near impossible to get off! Work in small areas to avoid this, and you’ll have a cooktop that looks like new again…Carol


Tip #20: I use Cerama Bryte and it works well – but I have to really scrub for the burnt-on crud. Razor idea works well but if you have an electric palm sander, take the sandpaper off so there’s only a rubber surface.


Apply Cerama Bryte to the top and place a blue non-scratch scrub sponge on the ceramic stovetop. Place the palm sander ON the sponge. Press down and turn it on. Slowly go over the surface – not pressing very hard.


The orbiting action will save you elbow grease and you will not scratch the surface because the only thing touching the stove top is the non-scratch sponge. Result is a VERY shiny surface!…Kevin


Tip #21: I used the razor blade method with the Cerama Bryte…works great! I didn’t have a razor blade so I used the top of the xacto knife.


I think they call it an utility knife. Works awesome. I also found that the magic eraser works great for everyday cleaning…Johanna


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