Removing Hard Water Stains from Brick

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Brick


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Q: We moved into this house about 1 year ago and it already had these white powdery stains on the brick from the sprinkler system. I have reset the sprinkler heads and tried oven cleaner, and even the produst the brick manufacturer recommended, which was hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acid, nothing has worked…Please help.


Tip #1: I would get the most acidic vinegar I could and just spray it on the area, leave on for a about an hour than rinse off.


Tip #2: Try TSP – Tri-Sodium Phosphate. I had a similar problem and it worked!!


Tip #3: I had the same thing on my front door (which is metal) and used TSP (you can get this at the $ store or drug store). To get the water spots off my windows I used CLR. You may still not be able to get the ‘powder’ off since the bricks are porous.


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