Tips for Cleaning Stainless Steel

Tip #1: Try aerosol oven cleaner…while experimenting with limited cleaning supplies at work, I sprayed “Easy Off” oven cleaner on the filthy stainless sink..(make sure to cover your nose and mouth and open a door or window) wait about 10 minutes and rinse clean…you don’t really even need to wipe down…this gives you a see-yourself shine in your sink…Lynett

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Tip #2: Use a cloth moistened with rubbing alcohol, club soda, or white vinegar to give your stainless steel a brilliant shine.

Tip #3: Use small amount of natural lemon oil on stainless steel, it works great.

Tip #4: I bought some Citrushine Stainless Steel Polish and I am ecstatic. I was in the doghouse after convincing my wife to go with an all stainless kitchen. I found this product at Sears and it is fabulous…Brady

Tip #5: Rub toothpaste on stains, rinse off and air dry…Judy 

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