DIY Scented Room Spray

If you enjoyed making DIY gel air fresheners, then you will also enjoy making your own scented room spray!

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To make your own scented room spray you will need:

What’s great about this DIY room spray is that you can make it any scent you wish. If you have already been making your own scented cleaning products, then you probably already have some essential oils on hand.

You can find the small spray bottles in the travel section of the cosmetics department at Target or Walmart. They only cost about $1.

All you need to do is fill the bottle up approximately 3/4 the way with water, and 1/4 the way with rubbing alcohol. Make sure to leave a little room at the top to add the essential oils. After you add the essential oil, place the lid back on the bottle and shake well to combine.

You can combine essential oils to make many different scent combinations. You can find inexpensive fragrance oils at Walmart or at any craft store, or you can spend more for essential oils that are available online and at many health food stores.

One nice smelling combination is lavender oil, sweet orange oil, and lemon oil mixed together. I used a high quality fragrance oil I found at an upscale home decor store. You can often find nice smelling fragrance oils where candles are sold.

Note: The rubbing alcohol is used to strengthen the scent of the spray. You can just use the oil and water if you wish, but the scent won’t be as pronounced. You can also try using white vinegar in the place of the rubbing alcohol.

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How to make your own scented room spray from your favorite essential oils.

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