Removing Cigarette Smell from a Mattress

Allergic to cigarette smoke? Or does the house you just moved in to smell of cigarette smoke? Get rid of cigarette smells with these expert tips.

Q: I was given a very expensive mattress, which is in excellent condition, but the previous owner smoked in the house and I absolutely am disgusted by the smell.

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Does anyone have any suggestions to help me?

Tip #1: I would try vacuuming it, wiping it down with a rag dipped in sudsy water then vinegar water (just don’t get the mattress too wet).

Vinegar works great for so many things but just don’t mix with any products containing bleach.

Maybe try that for a few days, letting it air dry in between. If that doesn’t work maybe Febreeze would…Judy

Tip #2: Go to pet supply store, get an *enzyme* based pet odor spray. Smell it first, you’ll have to live with the smell until it dissipates.

Usually the ones that work the best have little or no perfumes — they don’t need them because they get destroy the organic molecules, not just cover it up.

You may have to dampen the mattress really well; the odor may be within the fibers of the cover and not just on the surface.

Tip #3: Place white vinegar in old spray bottle. Spray mattress let air dry do this for several days.

Tip #4: I spray mattresses every so often with tea tree oil in water, mix approx 10 drops to 100ml and put in old spray bottle (clean).

Spray and let air for the day. Can also use other essential oils for a pretty smell.

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