How to Remove Black Permanent Marker from a Wood Surface

Tip #1: I have a 1 yr old that got a hold of permanent marker and a Mr. Clean Eraser
took it right out.

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Tip #2: I got Sharpie marker off my kitchen table by using toothpaste and a soft wash cloth. It worked wonderfully, and it didn’t ruin the finish!

Tip #3: Mr. Clean Magic Eraser has helped me in many situations. It takes permanent marker off of hard surfaces, such as my wood floor and kitchen table. My 2-yr-old got a hold of the marker and went to town, but the Magic Eraser was marvelous. It works on many stains that I couldn’t get to come out with lots of other cleaners.

Tip #4: Vinegar actually worked and got the whole big permanent marker stain off of my desk.

Tip #5: My wonderful son just wrote on 6 drawers of a fairly new dresser. I wanted to cry. I tried the acetone, which dulled the finish. Then I tried the toothpaste which didn’t do a thing. Desperate I tried Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. I have to say it worked wonderful. No damage to the finish and the marker gone.

Tip #6: I had a 3-year-old take his frustrations out on my computer desk with a sharpie and I used toothpaste and every mark came out. It works wonders you just have to rub with a little force for a while and it comes right off.

Tip #7: I just read the postings suggesting to try toothpaste to get marker off of a wood table top. I tried Crest with Whitening and Scope and it worked like a charm and it was marker that had been on there for a couple of years.

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