Cleaning Textured Porcelain Tiles

Q: I just had a polished porcelain tile floor installed. I was told to wash it with strong vinegar solution (about 1:2 dilution) to remove the dried excess grout. The problem is that the tiles are textured.

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They have various sized divots in the surface for a rustic, worn look. There is a fine white powder that is ground into some of the holes and it is very difficult to get out without digging it out with my fingernails.

The tiles arrived from the factory this way. The vinegar wash did not get it out. This detracts from the look of the floor since these divots are also polished at their surfaces and their color is darker than the rest of the floor.

But with the powder stuck in there, they are white and dull. Any suggestions?

Tip #1: I have a tile kitchen floor, but mine is a rough surface. My installer told me to use the “scrubbies” that you use for non stick pans, the green ones that you can buy everywhere, and with the tip of my finger rub the spots that were holding the grout residue.

It worked great for me. Since yours is polished, use a gentle touch and see how you do along with a vinegar solution, not as strong as the other. Good luck!

Tip #2: I had the exact same problem and I DID find an easy solution…. The “Mr. Clean Magic Eraser” worked wonders. I went through a whole lot of them, so I did my floor in phases, but they really worked good, and without any kind of cleaner.

They come 2 in a pack, and I have never tried the new ones that have the scrubby side, so do a test patch with that before you go scrubbing your floor with that side. It would really be horrible to let the floor dry expecting a beautiful shine, and get a dull scratched result.

But the white side of the “eraser” does work. Hope this helps…Jessica

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