Cleaning Walls in Mobile Homes

Q: I own a doublewide and I want to clean the walls. The only problem is I can’t figure out what the walls are made of. They have a mingled spot design on them and don’t feel very thick. Can anyone tell me what kind of walls these are and what I can use to clean them. Thanks in advance for you help.

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Tip #1: I have a doublewide, too. My walls are sheet rock with wall paper on them. Bleach water should clean them up, if you use more water than bleach. Or try some dish soap and water. Only try these if the walls have a slick finish, not papery. Hope this will help.

Tip #2: I have used this combination for years and it works well. One part lemon ammonia to 4 parts hot water. You might want to try in a test area first. Good luck!

Tip #3: I was in the manufactured building business for 15 years—you do not have drywall with wallpaper–you have a fiberboard covered with vinyl paper–it can be cleaned with a mild cleaning solution—but anything harsh or any harsh scrubbing will remove what covering you have—another option is to use a mild soap and water to clean–let dry–prime and paint for a clean appearance.

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