DIY Foaming Hand Soap

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If you like the foaming hand soap like Bath and Body Works sells, the next time you run out you can make your own! This easy tip will also work for making your own foaming body wash or dish soap.

I never knew this but the “secret” to foaming soap is actually the bottle it comes in. The pump in the bottle is a special pump that makes the soap in the bottle foam when it comes out.

Apparently you can make your own foaming soap by just re-using the bottle that foaming soap comes in. Could it really be that easy? I tried it, it is!

All you have to do is wash out your foaming soap bottle really well and then put about an inch of clear liquid hand soap in the bottom of the bottle. Fill the rest of the bottle up with water, and there you have it. Foaming hand soap!

You can re-use any foaming soap bottle, but apparently the inexpensive bottles will not hold up so that you can re-use them over and over again. It is best to get the ones from Bath and Body Works, they are better quality, and you can pick them up for 3 for $10 several times a year and stock up.

I refilled mine with a clear vanilla soap I purchased at the Dollar Store. One $1 bottle of liquid soap will refill my foaming hand soap container more 4-5 times! Now that’s a good deal.

Make sure that the soap that you use is clear (you should be able to see through it). The thick creamy types will not work for this.

You can also make foaming body wash or dish soap the same way. If you make foaming soap out of your favorite body wash, it will last much longer, and you can still enjoy the same great scent.

I used DIY Goo Gone to remove the label from my Bath and Body Works bottle. Bath and Body Works also sells these decorative sleeves that you can use to cover the bottles they sell that will cover up the labels. They look great too!

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