DIY Goo Gone Sticker and Label Remover

There are a number of recipes out there for homemade goo gone, so I decided to give one a try. To my surprise, it worked!

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I had a couple of glass vases that I am going to be using for decoration for my daughter’s upcoming wedding. Both of the vases had big price tags on the bottom of them. I tried to peel them off with my fingernail, without much luck.

I did some research and saw that there are two items necessary to do a good job of removing the sticker residue. You need an oil and a mild abrasive.

The recipe I tried was a paste made of Borax and vegetable oil. Just pour a small amount of oil onto the sticker and then rub in a very small amount of Borax. The Borax acts as the mild abrasive to clean the spot, and the oil does a great job of lifting the label off of the object.

Other people have tried other oils and abrasives. You can use any kind of cooking oil. Vegetable oil, olive oil, and coconut oil have all been tried with great success. If you don’t have any Borax, baking soda will also work.

If you are trying to remove a label off of plastic, take care not to scratch the plastic while you are rubbing off the label. For glass you can use a scrubbing sponge, but if you are worried about scratches you might want to try a rag instead.

The commercial product Goo Gone is full of harmful chemicals. Why not try this homemade version instead? It really works!

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