How to Remove Nail Polish from Wool Carpet

If you have found yourself with bright red nail polish on your wool carpet, here are some tips our readers have had for rescuing their wool carpets.

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Tip #1: If the stain isn’t huge you could do this: cut away the polished fibers with scissors, when you have the nail polish cut away, find a spot in an area where no one will notice fibers missing, like a corner under furniture–cut those clean fibers out and glue them in to where the mistake happened. Use a strong glue made for fabric or super glue.

Tip #2: Try powdered oxyclean sprayed with Shout or another spray stain remover. Good luck!!!

Tip #3: I’ve used plain ole nail polish remover on a same type stain on our rug I figured at this point what difference does it make. The acetone did seem to bring out the pink. I need to do again found a new spot. Hope it works for you. Good luck.

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