6 Genius Cleaning Hacks That Will Get Any Stain Out of Carpet

Trying to get a stubborn stain out of your carpet? These genius cleaning hacks will help you get silly putty, nail polish, candle wax, slime, and more out of carpet.

For years I have been sharing tips on this web site on how to remove and get stains out of everything from: carpet, clothing, to fabric, and more!

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It’s amazing the things our kids (and sometimes ourselves!) manage to get stained. These tips have all been tested and are mom approved!


How to Get Silly Putty Out of Carpet


Silly putty doesn’t come out of carpet easily, but it can be done! If you don’t do it right, it is unfortunately highly likely that you won’t get it out at all.


You can find a complete list of our readers’ tips for removing silly putty from carpet here.


Out of all the tips shared by our readers, the most popular one was the one that said to use WD-40.


Spray the silly putty with a light coating of WD-40 and let sit for 10-20 minutes. Rub with a clean cloth and it should come right off.


If you don’t have any WD-40, try using rubbing alcohol instead. People had just as much luck with it.


How to Remove Candle Wax from Carpet


Candle wax is easy to remove from carpet with an iron. You have to heat up the wax in order to remove it effectively. Chipping at the cold wax just won’t get the job done.


Place a paper bag (a paper towel will also work) on top of the wax and run a hot iron back and forth on the paper.


The wax will melt and stick to the paper, completely removing it from the carpet. You can see all our readers’ tips for getting candle wax out of carpet here.


How to Remove Gum from Carpet


You should have luck getting chewing gum out of your carpet by freezing it with an ice cube. Just hold the ice cube up to it until it hardens and then pry it out with a butter knife.


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How to Remove Nail Polish from Carpet


I have received literally hundreds of emails from people over the years asking me how to get nail polish out of carpet.


You definitely don’t want to use nail polish remover to get it out, nail polish remover only makes the stain worse.


By far the most popular tip for getting nail polish out of carpet is to use Windex! Just spray the area with Windex or other window cleaner and wipe it off.


Many, many parents have tried this tip with great success. You can read their experiences with removing nail polish from carpet here.


How to Remove Sharpie from Carpet


Marks from Sharpie pens can definitely be frustrating to get out of carpets! People have had a lot of luck dabbing (wiping will make the stain worse) the stain with rubbing alcohol or aerosol hair spray.


Let it sit for a few minutes then dab the spot with a clean damp rag until the stain is removed.


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How to Remove Slime or Playdough from Carpet


Many people have had luck removing slime from carpet (and clothing) by using straight vinegar.


Apply the vinegar to the stain, let sit a couple of minutes, and it should dissolve the slime so you can wipe it away.


If you have found a patch of dried playdough on your carpet, you might be able to get it out by moistening it with a bit of hot water and then prying it out of the carpet with a butter knife.


If that doesn’t work, try using hydrogen peroxide in place of the water. A lot of people have had luck with that!


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Trying to get a stubborn stain out of your carpet? These genius cleaning hacks will help you get silly putty, nail polish, candle wax, slime, and more out of carpet.

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