Removing Stains from Baby Bibs

Q: Does anyone have any good ways to remove food stains from baby bibs? I rinse them out right away, but food like sweet potatoes still leave a stain. How do you pre-treat these stains?

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Tip #1: I have had relative luck w/ Zout and also with the new Spray n Wash that mixes when you squirt it on the stain. I wet the entire bib rinsing out what I can then pre-treat heavily. I always check the item before drying.


My sil said she always used Ivory Liquid Dish soap – the regular white bottle/white liquid but I can’t find it now, only the clear but it works ok too. Also, most of my bibs are white as the base color so I use Clorox Bleach, even if some of the colors bleed the first time I bleach it they go away the second time. If they fade, oh well, I figure faded looks better then stains but I honestly have not had any fade. My son is 11 months old and his favorite food has been carrots and sweet potatoes.


Tip #2: I recently inherited several bags of baby clothes for my niece, several with stains. I had wonderful luck soaking items overnight in sink with about 1/2 cup dishwasher powder, 1/2 cup ammonia and a couple squirts of dish soap in very hot water. Repeat if necessary. I am still working on two outfits but the stains came out of at least 20 more. Works best on cotton items.


Tip #3: I use Shout. It is the only thing I have found that works well with just about all stains. I have even used it on stains that were washed and dried and they have come out. The secret is to let it soak in for a while before laundering, and if it doesn’t come out…try and try again.


Tip #4: I use Krud Kutter. Once you start the cleaning process DO NOT dry the clothing. Spray and let sit for a few hours or overnight, then launder, if not gone spray again. Might have to do this three or four times. When it is gone wash with oxyclean and detergent. Then wash baby things in dreft.


Tip #5: Soak over night in straight white vinegar the wash as usual.


Tip #6: I have found that almost any stain can be removed by using Cascade powder for dishwashing. Just use 1/4 cup of the powder per gallon of water in the hottest water safe for the material. Let the item soak over night. In the morning, dump water and all in the washer and run through the spin cycle. Then run the item through the regular cycle with your regular detergent and the stains should be all gone.


Tip #7: I have found that “Totally Toddler” stain remover works really, really well. It can be found at Wal-Mart in the baby section in a hot pink and white package. I have also found it at Babies R Us, and you can order it online from Amazon. It is a life saver, and I use it all the time. I have also used the new OxyClean pre wash spray recently and it is great too.


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