Removing Black Streaks from Kitchen Floor

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Tip #1: This solution isn’t chemical free, but lighter fluid is great for removing black streaks or marks from vinyl floors. It’s also inexpensive. You can also try a pencil eraser or the rubber heel of a tennis shoe…Rachel

Tip #2: Try Mr. Clean Magic Eraser! This is a wonderful product and it is easy to use.

Tip #3: I’ve used rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball and it worked in seconds. I’d test a spot first to make sure it won’t mess the finish up.

Tip #4: There is something called Goof Off, it will take those marks up off of the floor. The lighter fluid will work, but the Goof Off has a little better smell, is a little more pleasant to live and work with, and is reasonably inexpensive. It will work for nearly any type of stain or spill on tile or nearly anything else.

Tip #5: I have 2 tips for taking black marks off vinyl floor. One is to use an eraser (pencil tops work great), another one is a dryer sheet (either used 1 time or a new one). I have used both depending on what was handy at the time and they both worked great with little elbow grease and the best part–no chemicals!…Andrea

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