How to Remove Sharpie on Wall

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Q: Somehow my daughter got a hold on a permanent marker (Sharpie) and drew a large smilie face on her wall. I tried several cleaners, but none have worked. Any suggestions?

Tip #1: My son went through that stage. I used a vandalism cleaner. This stuff is for graffity. Or I used a brake parts cleaner. The brake parts cleaner will take the paint off. The vandalism cleaner will only take a small amount off so I used it more.

Tip #2: I would try hairspray first. If that doesn’t work, a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser sponge.

Tip #3: My daughter decided to take a permanent marker to her wall and draw a picture of my husband. It is a BRIGHT blue sharpie that she used. I tried the magic eraser and it did not even touch the marker. I also tried Simple Green, wow, what a wonder that was. It worked better then anything that I have seen. We will have to repaint the walls (her art work was more like a murual), but the Simple Green was so GREAT!! It also worked better on the crayon marks then the eraser…Erica

Tip #4: My little brother decided to write with dark red Starpie marker on yellow and green walls. Well, first we tried the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser…it didn’t work that well. Then we tried hairspray, it takes it off, but we don’t have smooth walls so next we tried toothpaste for the dining table, combine that with the magic eraser and it really is magic!…Danielle

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